These cuties just fulfilled alllll my home session dreams. I really love these sessions for many, many reasons. In fact, I am going to write you a list to explain why. (Just in case the photos aren’t reason enough hehe)

  1. In-home sessions are FUN. End of story. We listen to music, dance, have snacks, what more could you want!
  2. They can be done any time of year. Middle of winter? No problem, we’re inside!
  3. The weather does NOT matter. Pouring rain? Perfection. Snow? YAS. Sun? Superb. Monsoon? WE’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN. (okay fine I’m exaggerating)
  4. They are stress FREE. All you have to do is cuddle and your job is pretty much done.
  5. You can wear your comfiest clothes and no one will judge you. In fact you will look even cuter.
  6. Your pets can join us! Maddie and Pierce don’t have any, but if they did you better believe they’d be snuggling up with them.
  7. The bring out the best side of you as a couple! You will feel so relaxed that they can just focus on each other and the beautiful love that you share!
  8. They’re DIFFERENT! They put a whole new spin on photography that you don’t see everyday!

If you love in-home sessions but aren’t sure if your space is right for it, consider renting an Airbnb, like Hazelbrook Homestead. It’s the cutest place ever!