Couple's sessions are my FAVORITE! I love being a professional third wheel! Whether it be to celebrate your engagement or simply just because, getting your photos taken should be fun! I adore getting to know new couples and creating fun interactive images together. I always keep my clients moving and offer gentle guidance throughout each session to make sure we get the best, most authentic to you images.

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Couple's Collections

The Adventure Session



This is a 2 hour session in the location(s) of your choice. This session can be done any time of day including golden hour. We will brainstorm an awesome location depending on what you're looking for!

• 2 hour session

• 75+ edited images

• Online gallery

Golden Hour Session



This session is available Monday-Friday during the first hour of sunrise or last hour of sunset. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long in the location of your choice.

• 60 minute session

• 50+ edited images

• Online gallery

Regular Session



This session is available Monday-Friday from morning-afternoon. Each session is approximately 45 minutes in the location of your choice.

• 45 minute session

• 25+ edited images

• Online Gallery

*Travel fees may apply - Please contact for a full quote







Get your photos

The session!

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Approximately 3-4 weeks after your session you will receive your online gallery! It will arrive in your inbox as a link and you will be able to save the images, post to socials, share with family, etc.!

The best part! We will meet at the chosen location and start shooting. Don't worry, I'll guide you through the whole session so you never are left wondering what to do!

Together we will brainstorm a date and location and get you booked in! A 50% retainer and online agreement is required to secure your session date.

When you decide you want to do this, send me a message to get the ball rolling! I love hearing about who my couples are and what your vision is for your session. The more details the better!


What if we're awkward or haven't had our photos done before?

What is your photography style?

I have a documentary style that focuses on movement and real moments. I will never ask for any fake laughs or weird stiff poses. Instead I offer prompts to get you moving and having fun! We will work together to create photos that showcase your authentic love. You won't be left standing there wondering what to do, you'll always be busy and the time will fly by!

I get this question a LOT! But try not to worry, almost all of my couples have never had photos taken of them before! I think I work best in these scenarios. Everyone feels nervous at first but it will wear off after a few minutes! You're also not expected to be looking "photo ready" at every single moment. We will take breaks, we will chat, we move around lots, you don't have to perform. You simply are existing + loving each other and I am there to capture it all!

What should I wear?

What should I bring?

I always send an outfit guide to help you create a great outfit for your session, but I always like my couples to stay true to who they are. Do you want to dress up and wear a dress or a suit? Go for it! If you want to be casual and dress how you would everyday, perfect! I am not picky at all, this is your session and your memories and I will capture it however you choose to dress. With that being said I know some couples have a hard time coordinating and that's totally okay. I always recommend "complimenting" each other's outfits rather than matching. Neutrals are always a win, and outfits that you are comfortable to move around in are important. No logos is preferred and make sure there isn't anything that might be uncomfy for you during your session.

I always recommend coming empty handed! At the start of each session I will get my clients to empty their pockets of any phones, keys etc. This way it ensures you have your hands free to love on each other without having to set things down and pick them up. Since I incorporate a lot of movement into each session, we aren't in the same place for very long. Bringing things like props or outfit changes can definitely restrict you from being authentic and free during your session. If you need to bring something like your keys or a phone, I am more than happy to throw it in my camera bag so you don't have to worry about carrying it!

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