So you’ve decided to get married – YAY! Weddings are my favourite thing in the entire world. A day solely dedicated to your love… How beautiful is that?! After getting married to the love of my life, I discovered my niche: documenting love. Love is simply indescribable, and I would be honoured to witness yours!

I want to capture the big love & the quiet love. The belly laughs and silliness, the gentle kisses and tight embraces. Whether your love is loud and vibrant, or subtle and delicate, I want to embrace it! I’ll never ask you to fake anything, I want to capture the real love you have for each other – the genuine, raw, authentic, emotional love.

My goal is to find couples who allow me to document their wedding with this style. The couples who are still kids at heart, who love to have fun together, who crave authentic, real images, the one’s who aren’t afraid for their hair to blow wild or get dirt on their feet. If this is resonating with you in any way, I think we’d be a great match! Wedding packages begin at $1955, I’d love to talk about this next big adventure you’re planning for your lives, send me a message!