I am so grateful you have found yourself on my site and may be considering me to tell a small part of your love story! Wedding packages begin at $1955, if you’re interested in viewing my pricing guide or to see if I am available for your date please feel free to send me a message!

I just want to take a minute of your time to explain my goal as a photographer. If photography isn’t very important to you and you are just hoping to make a check off your vendor list, I may not be what you’re looking for. But that’s okay! You deserve to find exactly what you want (or don’t want) in a photographer. Photography is incredibly important to me. I never loved the idea of just showing up, taking some photos, then leaving. Instead, I want to meet you and get to know what makes your love awesome! Finding couples who allow me to document their day with a real connection and pure authenticity is what I strive for. Your wedding photographer will be spending the entire day with you, it makes sense you choose someone who is pumped you’re getting married and honoured to be a part of it!

With that being said, if you’ve had a peak around my site and think we share a similar mindset we’ll probably be a great match. So let’s get to know each other! Whether it be over Skype or a coffee date, I can’t wait to meet you! We can talk about your wedding plans, what makes your heart flutter for each other, your fur babies, anything at all! I am honoured that you have even considered me, and whether you decide to choose me as your photographer or not I hope you enjoy this special time of your lives. Planning a wedding can be stressful at times, make sure you take the time to remember what it’s all about 🙂