I cannot even begin to describe how excited I was to shoot this proposal. Maddie is my sister (in-law, but I like to just call her my sister <3 ) and I’ve been friends with Pierce for a long long time. These two started dating just a few days after my own wedding (I sorta take credit for their entire relationship because obviously the wedding feels got to them and they realized they are meant to be together – you’re welcome!!!) When Pierce asked me to shoot this proposal I was over the moon, partly because it’s them and another part because I have been DYING to shoot a proposal, just ask all the people who I tried to bribe into proposing so I could shoot it, hahaha. Anyways. We had been planning this shoot for literally a month, we put a lot of effort in throwing Maddie off our scent, it was REALLY hard. I was practically busting at the seams. I asked them to do this shoot to help me build my portfolio (sounds legit), I wasn’t sure if she would be surprised but I realized she had absolutely no clue when I literally had to drag her off the couch to get ready for the shoot. That’s how I knew, this was going to be the best surprise EVER! So once we finally convinced her to get ready, we headed off to the camp they went to their whole lives and started shooting some pics. Near the end of the shoot is when these photos took place. (I’ll post the rest later!) I had to carry the ring in my camera bag and secretly hand it to Pierce once we were out on the dock. I mouthed, “are you ready?” and Pierce nodded, he looked so excited…it was just the cutest. I ran back down the dock and told them to stay back to back. You’ll notice in a few pictures Maddie is trying to figure out why Pierce’s hands weren’t by his sides like her’s were, I panicked a little, thinking she might see the box! I yelled at her to look forward and stop worrying about Pierce. Once she finally listened and stood forward, he got down on one knee and she turned around. And the pictures say the rest 🙂 I’m so happy for them, and SO PUMPED to shoot their wedding next summer! Love you both!


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